My promise: your personal data is not saved nor analysed

  1. My homepage does not implement cookies, google analytics or any other form of user tracking. I cannot see who you are or see patterns of usage.
  2. Scripts, fonts and resources are served by my own hosting service (IONOS). No CDNs or Google Font systems.
  3. My hosting service is IONOS and is a German company.
  4. IONOS implements an anonymised logging-system made available to me. However, your IP-address is obfuscated and this makes the log anonymised. IONOS does not track any personal visitor data.
  5. This website is made with Although I like their tool, I have to go over quite some effort to make sure your data privacy is protected. For instance, I have an extra expensive package to download the source so I can host it myself. I also wrote a Python script to download and directly integrate external sources.

As I do not collect or analyse your personal data, GDPR does not apply. As benefit there is also no annoying popup.

In the Impressum you will find more details on who is operating this site.

Stand: 12.02.2022