The success of these projects is the result of large teams cooperating. My role in these examples is as (co)lead UX-Designer. All these examples are designed from conception to market release, in a highly human-centered fashion. If you are curious in the design story behind these projects, contact me!

Viessmann family of HMIs

A family of hardware user interfaces which is highly scalable, flexibel and suitable for a large set of international markets.

Viessmann ViCare app

Designing a 4-star rated app and use cases for interacting with energy systems.

Teufel Raumfeld

Designing a 4+star rated app and hardware interfaces for connected wifi-speakers.

Large image responsive homepage. Won red dot award for innovative communication.

Viessmann Vitoguide

App based installation of complex energy systems.

Research project published at CHI

A research project for which custom hardware with 6 displays, 6 microsoft kinect cameras and 3 high-end PCs was developed.

Redesign of which was one of the first large responsive homepages in Germany.

Companies I worked with

Logo of Viessmann
logo of Lautsprecher Teufel
Logo of Intel
Logo of Bang&Olufsen
Logo of McFIT
Logo of T-Labs
Logo of KIU
Logo of Craftal