Bridging User Experience and Artificial Intelligence

Blending UX with AI/ML

I have an academic background in Human-Computer-Interaction and recently acquired an additional academic degree in Artificial Intelligence. Bridging both disciplines allows me to work and design within product teams that aim to develop the next frontier of digital products powered by AI.

In my career I have worked both as (Strategic) UX Designer and Product Owner and have in my +15 years of experience successfully deployed +20 consumer electronics products to the market.

I am an optimistic, cheerful person and have a pro-active, hands-on approach towards digital product development. I prototype, facilitate workshops, talk to customers, create user journeys and write spec always with as goal to play a facilitating role and collaborate with others in a product team. Strategy is always materialised.

I don’t like buzzwords. I like working in highly motivated teams on important topics.

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Companies I worked with

Logo of Viessmann
logo of Lautsprecher Teufel
Logo of Intel
Logo of Bang&Olufsen
Logo of McFIT
Logo of T-Labs
Logo of KIU
Logo of Craftal

Academic degrees

M. Sc Artificial Intelligence
International University of Applied Sciences
1.1 (Excellent)
M. Sc Human Factors
Technical University Berlin
1.4 (Excellent)
B. Sc Industrial design
Technical University Eindhoven

Peer reviewed publications

Towards Human-Centred Explainable AI: Theoretical Overview and Case Study Analysis

Chained Displays: Configurations of Public Displays can be used to influence user behaviour

Semotion: mediating urgency through mechanical movement